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Breast Lift


32 year old nationally ranked competitive bodybuilder who underwent "donut" mastopexy with submuscular smooth saline augmentation with 425cc implants. the "after" photo is just one month post-op and ...

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Pre and one year post-op photos of 46 year old white female runner who had breast lift and transaxillary (underarm) endoscopic submuscular augmentation using Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Saline ...

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30 year old mother of 2 with tuberous and constricted breast deformities who underwent a one-stage "donut" mastopexy with submuscular smooth saline 390cc implants. The "after" photo is 3 months ...

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42 year old who had overly large 600cc implants placed by another surgeon. I exchanged her implants for 375cc smooth saline submuscular implants and performed a full mastopexy. The "after" photo is ...

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38 year old who underwent bilateral conservative reduction with breast lift. The "after" photo is at 3 months ( scars are immature).

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Pre- and one year Post-op photos of a 34 year old white female with left-sided “donut” breast lift (“peri-areolar mastopexy”) with bilateral transaxillary (underarm) endoscopic submuscular ...

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Pre and 3 month post-op photos of 46 year old black male who underwent bilateral chest liposuction, removal of gynecomastia tissue, and “donut” breast lift (“peri-areolar mastopexy”).

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Pre and one year post-op photos of 37 year old white female who had subglandular saline implants placed by another doctor. She underwent bilateral exchange of saline implants for silicone (Mentor ...

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