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Lip Lift in Charlotte, NC

Tired of Fillers? Consider a Surgical Lip Lift

Lip lift surgery in Charlotte offers patients a more long-lasting alternative to Lip Lift. While fillers have a temporary plumping effect, a lip lift permanently enhances the upper lip contours.

Lip Lift at Premier Plastic Surgery Center

Lip lift surgery is a technically challenging procedure best left in the hands of a highly experienced plastic surgeon. As one of the top board-certified plastic surgeons in Charlotte, Victor S. Ferrari, MD, FACS, has performed lip lifts during the last two decades, refining his surgical techniques to perfection. After a lip lift in Charlotte, his patients experience the boundless confidence that comes with having more attractive, defined, and voluptuous lips.

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What is a Lip Lift?

Lip lift surgery is an aesthetic procedure that permanently heightens the upper lip by raising the vermilion border toward the base of the nose. As the distance between the upper lip and columella shortens, the upper lip takes on a more prominent appearance and nicely defined shape.

What are the differences between a Lip Lift and lip augmentation?

Lip augmentation usually refers to minimally invasive procedures that enhance naturally thin or aged lips. Typically, an aesthetic injector applies dermal fillers containing a hyaluronic acid gel to add volume to the lips, albeit temporarily. Autologous fat grafting also falls under the category of lip augmentation. Lip lift surgery differs in that it does not add volume; instead, it permanently increases the visible surface area of the upper lip to make it appear larger. The premise is similar to a Botox lip flip, except the results are more dramatic and last for years rather than months.

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Lip Lift as Part of a Facelift

As the face ages, coarse wrinkles develop around the mouth, the cheeks lose volume, and the jawline slackens. The lips also become thinner as volume depletes with age. Facelift surgery (rhytidectomy) turns back time on an aging face and neck, restoring a youthful, firmer appearance, and can easily accompany a surgical lip lift.

Benefits of a Lip Lift

Many patients spend years experimenting with dermal filler injections, hoping to enhance the size and shape of thin upper lips. While effective, the results are often short-lived. Before they know it, they are back in the office for a touch-up and can look forward to days of swelling and bruising each time. While lip lift surgery does not add volume, it offers patients a more lasting way to augment the lip and just one week of downtime. If you find yourself overlining your lips each morning, a lip lift in Charlotte could be well worth considering. After the surgery, there is no need to apply makeup to make a thin upper lip larger. A lip lift can save time getting ready each morning and dial up a person's confidence if they previously felt self-conscious about a small upper lip.

Am I a candidate for a Lip Lift?

A surgical lip lift could be a great option if the upper lip is too small in relation to the lower lip. Candidates must understand that lip lift surgery does not add plumpness or volume. Rather, it heightens the upper lip border and exposes more of the upper lip surface area. To be considered for the procedure, patients must be 18 or older, not pregnant or nursing, and have realistic expectations. Smoking and health conditions such as morbid obesity and uncontrolled diabetes, bleeding disorders, and cardiovascular or respiratory problems may preclude some patients from having elective surgery.

Consultation and Preparation

Charlotte plastic surgeon Dr. Victor Ferrari will sit down with you to ask about your aesthetic goals and medical history before examining your lips to assess whether a lip lift is appropriate. He will answer all your questions in detail and let you know how to prepare for the operation. For example, patients must avoid smoking and medications that increase bleeding.

The Lip Lift Procedure

Most patients have a lip lift performed under local anesthetic or twilight sedation. The procedure involves removing a small strip of skin, typically in a bullhorn or gull-wing shape, from just below the base of the nostrils. Dr. Ferrari then elevates the upper lip's vermilion border several millimeters and sutures the incision closed. Drawing the upper lip toward the columella exposes the lip mucosa, or pink tissue inside the mouth. The operation takes an hour or less.

Results, Recovery, and Aftercare

With just one week of downtime, the lip lift recovery is relatively quick, considering the longevity of results. Swelling, bruising, and discomfort peak in the first week or two. Your surgeon will remove the sutures a week later, unless they closed the incision with dissolving threads. Please avoid nicotine, alcohol, physical exertion, and supplements or medications that thin the blood until cleared by Dr. Ferrari. Following a lip lift Charlotte patients should also apply sunblock to encourage the scar to fade without darkening. The results last indefinitely, although age-related changes can affect the results over time.

Why Premier Plastic Surgery Center?

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As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Victor Ferrari's mission is to offer patients the highest quality of care and beautiful aesthetic outcomes. He has served over 12,000 patients over the last 26 years. Despite his decades in practice, he has consistently maintained a reputation as one of Charlotte's most sought-after plastic surgeons. Matthews lip lift provider, Dr. Ferrari is regularly featured in TV, radio, and magazines owing to his wealth of knowledge on aesthetic surgical procedures for the face and body.

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