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Treatment for Hyperhidrosis in Charlotte, NC

What Is Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is profuse underarm sweating. Unlike normal sweating, hyperhidrosis doesn’t happen as a result of strenuous physical activity or warmer weather—it happens for no apparent reason. This condition causes extreme perspiration on both sides of your body, to the point it soaks through your clothing and disturbs your work, social life, and ability to live normally.

Botox or Dysport in Charlotte, NC

How BOTOX® or Dysport® Can Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

When antiperspirant deodorant doesn’t do the job, BOTOX® or Dysport® could be a great alternative.

BOTOX® or Dysport® injections can be used to stop your underarm sweat glands from producing an excessive amount of sweat. It works by temporarily stopping the production and secretion of the chemical that activates the body’s sweat response, effectively blocking underarm sweating altogether.

Results are typically very quick, and injection recipients usually begin to see results within 4 days of injection. Once dryness takes effect, it can last up to 14 months. BOTOX® or Dysport® effectively eliminates excessive underarm sweating for the large majority of patients.

Botox or Dysport in Charlotte Premier Plastic Surgery Center Staff Consultation

Erin Sheffield | Patient Care Coordinator

BOTOX® or Dysport® Injections

for Hyperhidrosis in Charlotte, NC.

Don’t let excessive sweating continue to disrupt your work, social life, and daily routine. If you are currently suffering from hyperhidrosis, call Premier Spa right away. Our plastic surgery office in the Charlotte area has treated many people like you and know how to administer BOTOX® or Dypsort® injections safely and effectively.

We have more than 20 years of experience producing dramatic, positive results for our patients, and we know how to help you get the results you want. Our founder, Dr. Victor Ferrari, has also been named as one of North Carolina’s 2018 Best Plastic Surgeons for his high level of patient satisfaction.

We offer appointments from Monday through Friday, and our friendly, knowledgeable team members are prepared to assist you.

You don’t have to continue to live with the embarrassment and discomfort of hyperhidrosis. Call (704)-844-8344 to speak to one of our highly trained staff members or contact us online to book your appointment today!

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